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Supporting Parents of Autistic Children, Young People and Their Families

Our advocacy services are provided by advocates who are independent of public authorities or agencies i.e. The council, police, NHS, schools etc.

Our advocates support those they are helping to put across their voice and influence and to argue their case when you need their expertise and to
make sure that the correct procedures are followed.

Being independent means that we are there to represent reasonable wishes without adding our personal opinion and without representing the views of
the authorities or agencies

Our advocates can help accessing information needed or go to meetings or interviews in a supportive role. We can write letters on your behalf, we
can also handle other services for you.

A Parent's Testimonial

“I have a child with a terminal illness and Autism, and Autism Union have been quite literally a life saver for us. We were getting dragged into Court for being late on three occasions because we were having to commute from one borough to another and we were getting prosecuted for this under a banner of ‘Absenteeism, because we went a few minutes over the registration time. I cannot tell you the stress we were put through and we had nowhere to turn. Autism Union jumped in and challenged what was happening and helped us win our case and get us other much needed support as well. Our family will be ever grateful to them and know that with the Big Lottery funding they will be able to go to help so many other families like ours as well.”

Lydia from London