Autism Union: Our Values

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Driven by Fairness, Inclusivity and Safety


When we begin working and helping a service user, they will have a named advocate and a means of contacting them. We ask services users to tell us about our services and we pass this information to our board, the general public and others about how we are doing. 


We try to ensure our advocacy is accessible to promote access

Supporting advocates 

We ensure that our advocates are fully prepared, trained, experienced and supported in their role and have they regular support and supervision and opportunities to develop their skills and experience through individual and group CPD


Our advocates understand the different forms of abuse and have clear policies and procedures to follow if we suspect a service user is at risk or is placing any other at risk 


We have a written policy and procedure explaining how you can give feedback and make complaints 

Need an advocate 

If you need an advocate for yourself, for a family member, for a child or young person then please get in touch  

A Parent's Testimonial

“We are so delighted that the Lottery has put autism and Autism Union as a priority for funding. It’s a struggle every day with our children and without organisations like Autism Union standing up for us and helping us, things would be so much worse for us all. We can’t thank the Lottery enough.”

Mohammed from Sheffield